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We deals in Galvanized Steel Tubes and Pipes. The pipe and tube can be processed according to the customer’s requirements and drawings. The products are widely used in transporting water, gas and other liquids, big-span network structure, building industry and express way pipeline and columns. All pipes are passed through stringent tests while undergoing various processes to adhere the quality required Internationally. Older irrigation systems where made from galvanized steel Pipes and Tubes. 

Cold Rolled mild steel Strips is used for making galvanized steel tube. The process begins with a flat strip of steel, which is then cold-formed, and electric-resistance or induction welded. After welding, the tube receives a layer of protection - zinc coating. The result is a smooth, shiny end product that is unmatched in performance, appearance, strength, and durability. Our galvanized steel tubing is smoother, shinier, and resists rust longer than any competitive product on the market. In addition, our galvanized steel tubing can easily be fabricated. Older irrigation systems where made from galvanized steel Pipes and Tubes.